Happier Than Ever: A Love Letter To Los Angeles is Now on Disney+

Billy Eilish is very happy these days. The concert movie HAPPIER THAN EVER: A LOVE LETTER TO LOS ANGELES is now on Disney+.

While HAPPIER THAN EVER: A LOVE LETTER TO LOS ANGELES is a filmed version of a new album, a version of Eilish is circulating in Los Angeles in the movie, which is voiced by Eilish and powered by animated sequences.

A cinematic concert experience, HAPPIER THAN EVER: A LOVE LETTER TO LOS ANGELES will make its Disney+ debut. Right after their brand new album “Happier than Ever”, Disney+ will present a candid performance of each song in its own order from the album, the first and only from the legendary Hollywood Bowl stage. Two people sit in the director’s chair of the movie, whose original language is English.

  • Director: Robert Rodriguez, Patrick Osborne
  • Producers: Interscope Films and Darkroom Productions, in associate with Nexus Studios, and ALPWW
  • Live Concert Director: Kerry Asmussen
  • Director of Photography: Pablo Berron
  • Runtime: 1h 5m

Let Me Present You Two Criticisms About The Movie

As Eilish croons about the pressures of fame, the Hollywood Bowl cradles her, and the Los Angeles Philharmonic lifts her. Strobe lights flash, and the directors, Robert Rodriguez and Patrick Osborne, swirl the camera, peering down at Eilish with distant drone shots. But despite the modern technology, the setting and the sound draws attention to what is retro about this young star’s style, the influences from bossa nova, jazz, and traditional choral music that pop up in her chart-topping records. If there is a surprise to be had in this concert footage, it is that modern pop retains a glimmer of classic Hollywood mystique — here, there’s as much Judy Garland as there is Lana Del Rey.

Teo Bugbee – NY TIMES

Exclusively for fans of Billie and her music, who probably wo n’t mind the production’s cinematic weaknesses, with little, almost nothing to offer outside audiences.

Jorge Rivera Rubio – QiiBO



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Billy Eilish is very happy and excited about this. He is absolutely right about this. Eilish said it was an honor to work with such wonderful and talented people, adding that she loved her fans and hoped they would like the movie.

In addition, we see that the film is watched by a small number of partially small audiences due to the fact that it is still new, but it is liked by the fans to a very large extent, on the criticism and rating sites such as Metacritic and AOTY.

As of now, the movie has an IMDB rating of 7.5 and that’s not a bad start.

“Happier Than Ever: A Love Letter To Los Angeles” on IMDB
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