Hear Jordan Rhymes’s New Single ‘I Remember’

Jordan Rhymes dropped a new single named I Remember.

Toronto-based successful rapper Jordan Rhymes dropped a new single named I Remember.

Previously, the musician had appeared with some of the most hit tracks of himself. Those tracks were including Ride For Me, OMG, Different, Real Shit, Confusion, and more.

His new song, I Remember, was about a past relationship over a brooding. As you listened to the song, some lyrics were the proof of that argument.

Explaining his song to Complex, the rapper said that there are ups and downs in relations. He later added that he’d tried to keep those memories alive with the song.

“We all go through ups and downs in relations and life. Those memories don’t die.

“It’s not there to keep us hurting, but to remind us of the mistakes we’ve made and how to better ourselves.”

Sharing a social media post about his newly-released song, the rapper asked his fans to help him to raise his song. He stated that they could help him by sending comments and likes for the music video on all platforms.

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