Iggy Azalea wants to show that she’s not behind her mom when it comes to cooking. She’s trying to show off to her mother who can cook better. One of the main themes of Thanksgiving this year was the sharing of not-so-good-looking dishes on social media accounts. Iggy Azalea called her mother over, complaining about the lack of spice.

Iggy said exactly this on her twitter profile “I love my mother to death but she always says I learned to cook so well because of her and deep down I know the truth is I had to learn for survival because she does NOT know what seasoning food means, ” wrote Iggy on Twitter. “My brothers 21 and he’s only just now asking about garlic powder… exactly! She only learned what adobo was 8 months ago… imagine the dinners I’ve sat through.” Iggy isn’t the only singer in the hip hop community to be told about it, BIA is suffering from the same condition. “Screaminggggg my mom too,” she said under the tweet.

As you know from our previous news, Iggy Azalea took a break from her music career for a while and showed us her business woman side. Iggy, who also promotes her products through her social media accounts, will of course continue her music career, which she took a break for a while. But it looks like we won’t be able to see him in this area for a while. Iggy, who has a wide variety of interests, looks like she will continue to do many different jobs in her career.

Iggy, who appeared in front of her fans with her latest album “End of an Era”, will make us wait for a while for a new album. But we will continue to follow her.

For the past few months, Iggy Azalea has been stepping away from her music career to focus on herself and her family. While she didn’t refuse to release future albums, she announced the “end of an era” with her latest album, telling fans that she would pursue other interests in the entertainment industry and elsewhere.

Iggy Azalea Continues Concert Tour

As you know, Iggy Azalea continues her tour with Pitbull. She will appear before his fans on December 2 at The Monument/Rapid City at 19:00. Again, a great rap performance seems to be waiting for us. I guess it goes without saying the visuals and the dance shows. Say what?

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