Iggy Azalea Is Happy To Be Back On Stage Again

Iggy Azalea Is Happy To Be Back On Stage Again

The 31-year-old Australian rapper Iggy Azalea has updated her social media channels to reveal how she misses being on stage again after all those lockdown period.

On her Instagram and Twitter account, Iggy has sent two different photos to show off her missing to live scenes. She was looking fascinating in her colorful stage outfit, no doubt.

Expressing her excitement about being back to the live stages, Iggy asked fans to come shows to see her. She also sent a heart emoji for them.

“Come see me,” Azalea tweeted.

When the photos have been detailed, Iggy was looking mesmerizing in her yellow super-tight sweat. She wore palm-detailed pants on bottom and showed off how a beautiful woman she is.


She retweeted some fans’ tweets that about her latest show in New York. There was a fan account titled Iggy Azalea Costa Rica that shared a piece of moment from her performance.

As well as Iggy, fans were happy to see her live on stage once again.

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