Iggy Azalea’s Make-up Collection Drops Online & in Store on Aug 29th!

Iggy Azalea took action to create her own makeup kit collection. Iggy, who will go through a completely 2000’s themed set, wants to expand her own brand.

from Iggy Instagram Account

Iggy, who does not forget to advertise her collection on her social media accounts, is especially confident in her theme and color palettes. She says that people will totally sense the 2000s when using her collection. Iconic and the famous rapper, who seemed very happy to see her products, which seem to be very original, in stores, reported that her ideas have now become a tangible reality. While she told fans that she was turned on by her online purchases, she also showed her confidence in her brand.

Let’s announce to the enthusiasts that the makeup collection is on pre-sale on @bhcosmetics site!

As you know, Iggy released her latest music video “I am the Stripclub” on July 2. If you want to listen to this beautiful song again;

Iggy had said in the past months that she would take a break from music for a while, show her different sides to her fans and come up with different projects. Let’s see how her music break will affect her fans to focus on her passion and inspiration.

Although she will be taking a break from music, she will continue to hit the road with Pitbull on the I Feel Good Tour, which will start in August and end in October. Iggy also on her twitter account; “Changing my energy and focusing on what excites me most is the right thing for me and I hope you continue to support any creative project I do here,” she continued. “I really love this album and want my fans to enjoy it with me. I hope to see many of you on tour!” she sent a message to her fans.

Iggy Azalea

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