Jack Harlow Drops Freestyle For L.A. LEAKERS

Jack Harlow is back with another freestyle.

Young Harleezy, who had just come off from his performance at the Billboard Music Awards, stopped by Power 106’s L.A. Leakers, where he sang freestyle on top of Snoop Dogg‘s “Drop It Like It’s Hot.”

Through the rhythm produced by the Neptunes, Louisville made his heartbeat with women and rapped about his growth as an artist (“I’d beg for acceptance / Don’t plan to ask again”).

Snoop isn’t putting his name on the song “Young Harleezy” from Harlow’s new album Come Home the Kids Miss You, which debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200.

Jack also joined Power’s “Morning Show” where he discussed fame (“You reach a certain point and people don’t look at you as a person”) and gave props to his “crush” Doja Cat.

“Huge shout out to Doja. What an icon. I got a ways to go in terms of competing with her. She’s very special,” he said, while also showing love to Lil Baby and Baby Keem.

Jack is keeping the competition at bay. “First Class” returned to No. 1 for a second week on the Billboard Hot 100 after its debut four weeks earlier.

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Jack Harlow

Jack Harlow Drops Funkmaster Flex

Jack Harlow continues in his class.

Two years after his last visit, the “First Class” rapper returned to Funkmaster Flex, where he left another freestyle. Pharrell and Gwen Stefani’s “Can I Have It Like That” reflected chart dominance (“I went to Number 1 with The Dutchess”) and future plans, including winning its first Grammy.

“When I get that Grammy, I don’t send an apology text / I’m not coming to be humble, Flex invited me to yawn,” he raps, referring to Kendrick Lamar after he won the Grammy for Best Rap Album by Macklemore.

Later, the star of the upcoming White Men Can’t Jump reboot addressed the criticism surrounding her race. “My success caused some people’s stomachs to turn / Just saying I’m white and lucky, I can’t win / It’s like I’m just a plant and all this shit was predetermined,” he raps.

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