Julia Fox Addresses Kanye West Breakup Rumors

Julia Fox denies Kanye West breakup rumors. Over the weekend, fans noticed that the Uncut Gems actress had unfollowed Kim Kardashian fan accounts and removed some photos of herself with Kanye West from her Instagram page.

But despite the speculation, the couple remain strong. In an Instagram Story, Fox downplayed the rumors and explained that what was done on social media did not mean she was splitting with Kanye West.

Guys, relax,” she said, every followers. “I was unfollowed in the fan accounts because I was tired of seeing myself, OK? Suddenly Instagram was not a fun place anymore. And I took the fu**inphotos down because I read the comments and everyone was like, ‘Oh my God, you clearly only posted photos where you looked good in. ”


And on Saturday, Fox turned 32 as she thanked her boyfriend and admitted to sharing only flattering photos of herself. “And of course its special thanks to Ye,” she wrote.


Kanye West surprised his girlfriend and friends by gifting them baby Birkin bags for his birthday last week.

Julia Fox
Fox & Kanye West Getty

“Thank you so much to everyone that came out to celebrate me!” Fox said. “I usually never celebrate my bday but this year was so fu**ing hard that it felt like I actually had something to celebrate!! PS. I used to be so scared of getting older but I’ve found that life just keeps getting better and better!”

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Julia Fox Talk About Drake

Fox recently addressed reports that she had an affair with Drake before Kanye.

Hes a great guy and a gentleman. . . And that was it. Nothing really happened, we were just like friends,” he said during theForbidden Fruitspodcast. “I wouldnt say were dating,” he said.i

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