Kanye West Could Face Charges For Allegedly Punching Fan

Kanye West could be charged for allegedly assaulting a fan outside a Los Angeles nightclub in January, according to a report. Law enforcement sources told TMZ that police have almost completed their investigation into the incident, which included paparazzi videos and witness statements. West never spoke to police, blaming a busy schedule, outlet reported.

TMZ said the DA would have three options: file charges, dismiss the case, or call a meeting of all parties to negotiate the terms of the settlement.

Kanye West
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Kanye West Says He Turned Down $100 Millon Apple Deal

Kanye West sees his art above money. On Friday, billionaire Kanye West announced he was turning down a reported $100 million deal with Apple. He made the move for his new album DONDA 2, which will not be released on streaming services on Tuesday.

“After 10 albums, under 10 contracts. I turned down a hundred million dollars worth of Apple deals,” he wrote in an Instagram post. “No one can pay me to disrespect me. We set our own price for our art.”

He opposed streaming platforms because it devalued music.

“Tech companies have made music practically free, so you don’t eat merch sneakers and tours,” he continued.

“Jay Z did Tidal and the fake media attacked him. In the words of my brother. Come and get me. I’m ready to die standing up because I don’t live on my knees anymore. God bless me.”

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“Donda 2 will only be available on my own platform, the Stem Player. Not on Apple Amazon Spotify or YouTube,” he announced. “Today artists get just 12% of the money the industry makes. It’s time to free music from this oppressive system. It’s time to take control and build our own.”

In a separate post, he wrote, “I feel like when I first moved to New York to do it in music. I don’t know what was going to happen, but I knew I had to move,” he said. After revealing that he passed on Apple’s nine-figure deal, the tech giant seemingly canceled a planned sponsorship. He shared a text from one of his associates that read, “Please inform Ye that the apple is no longer doing the sponsorship deal.” Ye captioned it, “Duh.”

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