Kanye West Heads to Russia to Meet Putin

Kanye West reportedly went to Russia to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin and buy himself a new house.

According to a Billboard report released Tuesday (January 11th), Kanye West plans to travel to Moscow to meet with Russian president Vladimir Putin and host Sunday Services, which will appear as their first show in the country.

The main purpose of the trip is said to be to expand the overseas business partnerships and projects of Kanye West, who is also a producer.

Ameer Sudan, an adviser to Kanye West, reportedly helped coordinate the trip. Sudan and lawyer Scott Balber are mediating between Kanye West and billionaire real estate agent Aras Agalarov.

Kanye West
Vladimir Putin (image: Yevgeny Odinokov)

Sudan told the publication that Russia is going to be “a second home” for Kanye. “He will be spending a lot of time out there,” he stated.

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Kanye West Makes a Plan at a Critical Time

Currently, diplomatic talks are being held about the conflict environment between the USA and Russia, Moscow and Ukraine, which is actually in a very critical political process. Any new US sanctions against Russia could shut down travel between countries, including Kanye’s proposed trip.

According to the Billboard, the US State Department currently lists Russia with “level 4 travel” advice due to terrorism, harassment by Russian government security officials, the embassy’s limited ability to assist US citizens in Russia, and arbitrary sanctions by local officials.

Kanye West’s adviser is not too worried.

“This is Ye, Ye is going to get there regardless. What are they going to say? He’s going to be a special guest of the Agalarovs,” said Sudan. “Kanye knows what’s going on more than the average human being, he’s well aware of things. And it’s nothing against the United States or to cause conflicts, but Ye is Ye—he can’t be controlled.”

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