Kanye West: I Have to Get Back to My Wife!

Kanye West has announced that he wants to return home after divorced reality show star Kim Kardashian started a new love affair with comedian Pete Davidson. Expressing that he regrets and wants to reconcile with his wife, West said, ‘I have done unacceptable things as a husband, but today I am here to change the story!’

Kanye West

Reality show star Kim Kardashian (40), who got married to rapper Kanye West (44) in 2014, filed for divorce last February. It was revealed that Kardashian, whose name was not mentioned with anyone after the decision to break up with West, had a love affair with comedian Pete Davidson (28).

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Kanye West

The famous rapper made interesting statements after Kim Kardashian was seen with her new lover.

Kanye West

Kanye West, seen at a ‘Thanksgiving’ event in Los Angeles yesterday, made promises that he wants to return to Kardashian.

Kanye West


According to the news of Page Six; West said, ‘The narrative God wants is to see that we can be saved in all these relationships. We made mistakes. I made mistakes! I did things that were unacceptable as a husband, but today I’m here to change the story!’ Used the phrases.

Kanye West


I want to be around my children as much as possible. Even though I’m outside the house, I have a house right next to the house.’ Kanye West also said, ‘I do everything to be right next to them. I try to express it in the most sane, calmest way, but I have to go home!’ He said.

Kanye West


On the other hand, it was claimed that Kanye West had a short-term love affair with Russian model Irina Shayk in the past months.


The rumor that West and Shayk started a relationship emerged with the shares made from the ‘DeuxMoi’ Instagram account. An anonymous user’s message, ‘Kanye West is now secretly dating Irina Shayk, aka the mother of Bradley Cooper’s baby,’ sparked rumors.


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