Kanye West Interviews In Berlin To Discuss His Music

The famous singer Kanye West, who was in Germany shortly after the release of his album, became the focus of the cameras and brought some questions about why he was in Berlin. Rapstar, who has caused many rumors and turmoil since his album was released, gave the appearance of being ready for war with his harsh image.

To clear up some of the question marks, Kanye West, who was interviewed by German TV channel Bild, explained why he was in Berlin.

Why is Kanye in Berlin?

Here are the reasons why Kanye is in Berlin ‘interview with bild’

M: My only questions is, what are you doing in Berlin? You just released your album four days ago.

Kanye: We designed a school. M: Where? Kanye: In California. But we will build the school in Chicago to help rebuild the city. So I came here to meet with architects and artists to build the best architecture to help rebuild Chicago.

M: That’s amazing. But why Berlin?

Kanye: Well, Nicolas is here, Olaf is here and some other of my favorite designers and architects are here.

M: What are your next plans and how long will you stay in Germany?

Kanye: I’m not staying for long. We will work on the school and then on new music.

God Put Me On This Earth To Make Music

Stating that he is in Berlin to discuss the design with the architects, the artist stated that he will start new projects without slowing down after he finishes his work.

M: New music?

Kanye: Yeah, that’s my mission.

M: Do you have a release date in mind? Or will you go with the flow of the inspiration?

Kanye: God put me on this earth to make music. God put Demna here to design. God put tadao ando here to create architecture. God gifted us Turrell. God all send us here for a certain reason and I have to make music.

M: So first architecture and then music?

Kanye: I produce music in my thoughts, no matter where I am.

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