Kanye West Is No Longer Dating Model Vinetria

Perhaps Kanye West succumbed to his ambition and could not afford to compete with Kim Kardashian. After being together for a few months, Kanye West who succumbed to his ambition  is no longer with model Vinetria.  Kanye West no longer follows her on Instagram but model Vinetria still follows him on Instagram. Representatives of both Kanye West and Vinetria did not deny this news, moreover, they confirmed it.

Last November, we wrote that the two had been seeing each other for a while and even attended Donda Academy‘s first basketball game in Minneapolis together. Of course, it was very clear that this separation would come after the last Larry Hoover concert. Because as we wrote in the news, Kanye West used the words “Come back to me” for his ex-wife Kim Kardashian with the song “Runaway” seeing this, it couldn’t be normal for Vinetria to stay with Kanye West after this time.

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Kim Kardashian has yet to comply with Kanye West‘s requests, but she was at the concert with their 8-year-old daughter North.

Kanye West

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian is busy spending time with  Pete Davidson. While being declared legally single during her divorce proceedings with Kanye West. The couple returned to their hometown of Staten Island once again for dinner at local restaurant Angelina’s Ristorante and a show “House of Gucci” at the local movie theater.

The couple’s divorce is still proceeding. Who recently filed legal documents to officially declare her as single. She is also seeking to drop “West” from her last name and restore her maiden name.

Who is Vinetria?

Signed model and Instagram influencer, Vinetria was born on 26 October 1999 in the United States. Her full name is Vinetria. She completed her schooling at   High School. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio.


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