Kanye West Mentions Morgan Freeman in His Song

Kanye West was listened to by many after the release of his Donda 2 album and became the main topic of conversation. Because of this caused it to become a trend on social media.

By the way, because of the words in one of his songs, the conversations about him increased even more. The words in question are as follows; “When you lay down and I gave you the semen, I swear I heard God, the voice of Morgan Freeman.”

Some Twitter users also expressed their reactions in their own unique way. Because lyrics are crazy for them. “@kanyewest aint no way you rhymed MORGAN FREEMAN with SEMEN.”

“I thought @kanyewest was moving to Russia,” they typed. “But he’s rapping about seman and Morgan freeman. Just go away already dude. Not even being original.”

Kanye’s song “Sci Fi” in question was one of 23 tracks performed last night.

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“Pablo” by Future and Travis Scott, “Eazy” featuring The Game and headlines Pete Davidson diss, “Louis Bag” featuring Jack Harlow inspired by Virgil Abloh, “Louis Bag” featuring Soulja Boy “First Time in a Long Time” is from Kanye’s set list.

Resisting technical difficulties and audio problems during the live-streamed Donda experience, Kanye West teamed up with Balenciaga for the album merch, which can be found on the official website shop.kanyewest.com.

Kanye West Reveals DONDA 2 Track List

1. “Security”
2. “Lift Me Up”
3. “Get Lost”
4. “Pablo”
5. “True Love”
6. “Keep It Burnin’”
7. “Broken Road”
8. “I’m Finna Love Me”
9. “Sci-Fi”
10. “We Did It Kid”
11. “Flowers”
12. “Maintenance”
13. “530”
14. “Mr. Miyagi”
15. “Selfish”
16. “First Time”
17. “Louie Bags”
18. “Candyland”
19. “Closed for Business”
20. “Do I Look Happy?”
21. “Things Change”

In this paragraph we bring you some other subjects about Kanye. He could be charged for allegedly assaulting a fan outside a Los Angeles nightclub in January, according to a report. Law enforcement sources told TMZ that police have almost completed their investigation into the incident, which included paparazzi videos and witness statements.

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