Kanye West Officially Turns ‘Ye’

The lawsuit filed by American rapper Kanye West to change his name to ‘Ye‘ has been positive. Although the singer will no longer use the name Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, who is in the process of divorce, will carry the surname West after the divorce.

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American rapper Kanye West applied to court in August to change his name to ‘Ye’. The court approved the name change request and Kanye West’s name was officially changed to ‘Ye’. The official documents of the Los Angeles court included the statement of Judge Michelle Williams, “The name change petition was accepted because there was no objection.” The 44-year-old singer, whose full name is ‘Kanye Omari West’, will no longer carry a middle name or surname.

Kanye West


The singer wrote on Twitter in 2018, “I’m officially known as Kanye West. He explained that he had changed his name by saying “My name is ‘Ye'”. The singer also named his 2018 album ‘Ye’. In his interviews, he stated that Ye, an abbreviation of his beloved first name, is a word often used in the Bible.

Kanye West

Unlike Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, who is in the process of divorce, will use the surname West after the divorce. According to sources, the 40-year-old Kardashian cares about sharing the same surname with her four children, so she will bear the surname West, as will her children North, Psalm, Chicago, and Saint.

Kanye West

In the news in June, it was noteworthy that Kim Kardashian gave her autograph to her fan who asked for an autograph, and that she also used the surname of her divorced wife, Kanye West. The “West” at the end of Kardashian’s signature is also perceived as a matter of consistency or necessity for the promotion of the KKW Beauty brand, where she uses the initials of her marriage name.


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