Revisit: Kanye West ‘s Donda Album Lyrics

Kanye West Takes Bound 2 home another Grammy?

The 44-year-old, who has already won 22 trophies, is 64th with five nominations. Kanye‘s 10th anniversary. What’s more, Kanye co-produced a song on Lil Nas X‘s Montero. Fans will need to listen to the Grammys on April 3 and see if Kanye wins or even participates.

The rapper last arrived at the ceremony in 2015 and has changed a lot since then. First, she and Kim Kardashian have since split seven years ago while preparing for the PDA on the Grammys red carpet. The reality star was legally declared single in March and is now dating Pete Davidson.

If Kanye comes to the Grammys, he might not be performing. Kanye’s Grammy set was canceled by the show’s organizers after his last online event, according to his rep. (The Recording Academy has never listed Kanye in this year’s Grammys lineup). Because it’s because of Kanye West’s recent threats and annoys about Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson.

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Kanye West

“Hurricane”:  On the track, Kanye raps, “Heated by the rumors, read into it too much / Fiendin’ for some true love, ask Kim, ‘What do you love?’ / Hard to find what the truth is, but the truth was that the truth suck / Always seem to do stuff, but this time it was too much.”

Kanye West

“Off the Grid”: “Had to Move Away”

“Off the Grid” includes the lyrics, “Had to move away from people that’s miserable” and “We off the grid, grid, grid / This for my kid, kid, kid, kid / For when my kid, kid, kids have kids / Everything we did for the crib.”

“Come to Life:” North West Shout-Out

On the track, Kanye sings, “Brought a gift to Northie, all she want was Nikes.”

“Lord I Need You”: “Give Me a Ring”

“When you said give me a ring, you really meant a ring, huh?” Kanye raps. “Turned out to be more than just a fling, huh?”

The song also contains the lyrics “You know you’ll always be my favorite prom queen.”

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