Kanye West ‘s Homeless Problem In Los Angeles Has a Fit System

Kanye West wants to help the homeless in Los Angeles and solve the problem.According to the TMZ report, Kanye West reported that the city is contacting charities to figure out how to support its homeless, while also solving the problem.Kanye West recently had a meeting with Reverend Troy Vaughn, where Ye explained specific ways and plans for helping the homeless not be homeless.

Kanye West

Kanye wants to partner with the city charity to provide food aid to the homeless. He thinks they can come up with a plan together and also asks him to provide education, employment and housing to those in need. wants.So, teaming up with the groups that have undertaken this work wants to combine their efforts to defend the homeless community. So Ye wants to eradicate the homelessness crisis.

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Kanye is already continuing his efforts, he delivered 1,000 meals to the L.A Mission last week.Kanye showed his gratitude for his life at the Thanksgiving prayer. He spoke candidly about his marriage, his endorsement of Trump, his struggle with alcohol, etc.Ye also commented on his family life, expressing that he is responsible for his desire to reunite his family.

I am fully responsible for my actions.The common point of all my successes and failures is me.

Kanye dedicated his Nov. 28 Sunday Service to his late friend and longtime collaborator Virgil Abloh, who passed away from cancer at age 41.

Kanye also spoke to the band members and said that God would reunite him and Kim Kardashian. And he inspired millions of couples in the process.

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