Kanye West Says He’s ‘CONCERNED’ Pete Davidson Will Get Kim Kardashian ‘HOOKED ON DRUGS’

It’s like Kanye West has more work to do with Pete Davidson.

Earlier Wednesday, Trevor Noah got up and posted a series of Instagram posts attacking D.L. Hughley and his favorite subject, Pete Davidson.

In one post, West claimed he was worried Kim Kardashian‘s boyfriend would make her a drug addict.

Claiming Davidson was in “rehab every 2 months,” she wrote, “I’m really worried that SKETE will get my kids’ mother used to drugs.”

Davidson has been outspoken about her mental health struggles. In 2017, the “SNL” comedian revealed that he was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder after battling depression and anxiety.

Kanye West

Kanye West Upsets Pete Again

In February 2020, he confirmed that he was seeking treatment at a facility in Arizona that treats people struggling with substance abuse as well as eating disorders, trauma-related problems and anxiety disorders.

He offered to help Ye in his own struggles. “Let me help you, man,” Davidson wrote in a message shared by his friend Dave Sirus. “I’m also a lot of mental stuff. It’s not an easy trip. You don’t have to feel that way anymore. There’s no shame in being a little help. You will be very happy and peaceful.”

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On the other hand Kanye also angered Davidson by posting a headline from Breitbart titled “Pete Davidson Angers Viewers With Jokes About Having Sex With a Baby,” referring to Davidson’s 2019 stand-up routine, where he recalled babysitting a friend’s child who was teething and starting sucking his finger.

Before claiming to run Davidson on social media, Ye wrote, “Another reason for SKETE to stay away from my children.”

“And no one noticed that he didn’t come to SNL because Mr.

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