Kanye West Says Jack Harlow Is ‘TOP 5 OUT RIGHT NOW’

Kanye West gave Jack Harlow his love. On Friday, Ye shared a new video of the Louisville rapper for “Nail Tech” with his 14 million followers, along with a glowing endorsement.

“This nia can raaaaaaap brother and I call it nia as a compliment,” he wrote. According to Ye, Jack is one of the best MCs of our time. “He’s in the top five right now,” he added.

Kanye West

Upon hearing Ye‘s praises, Harlow was overwhelmed with emotion.

“Here it is… One of the best moments of my life,” he tweeted.
“I’m glad you all have front row seats… suddenly all hate means nothing… Imagine your hero saying that for you… I could have cried.”

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Kanye West honors Jack Harlow


Fans have called for Kanye West’s collaboration. “Need Jack x Ye asap!” commented another, while another added, “I need the Jack verse in Donda 2!”

Harlow has shared his love for Ye in the past. He once called Late Registration a “GOAT album.”

In an interview with British GQ, he spoke about Ye’s influence on culture.

“I think he sees himself as Mozart or Beethoven,” he said. “I think he’s worried, not about what he looks like now, but about what he’ll look like in 100 years” time. Take what happened with the Taylor Swift situation: everything was a pitchb when it happened, but now people consider it iconic. I’ve always been fascinated to see what you do next. This Donda presentation, people will remember it for years to come.”

Meanwhile Kanye West Reveals DONDA 2 Track List

The countdown to DONDA 2 is almost over. Just five days before the 2-22-22 dropout date, Kanye West unveiled an unspecified list of tracks for the sequel to his Grammy-nominated album.

The 21 handwritten pieces on a piece of paper include titles such as “Pablo,” “Sci-Fi,” “We Did It Kid,” “Mr. Miyagi” and “Candyland.” No features are listed, but Moneybagg yo has announced that he is in the studio with artists such as A$AP RockyFrench MontanaThe GameBig Sean and Pusha T.

Ye also announced that the album will not be used on social services such as AppleSpotifyAmazon or YouTube.
Instead, it plans to publish through its own Stream Player. Each device produced by Yeezy Tech and Kano Computing costs $200 and plays four different elements of the song: vocals, drums, bass and music. So far, 67,000 units have been produced and 3,000 are produced per day.


1. “Security”
2. “Lift Me Up”
3. “Get Lost”
4. “Pablo”
5. “True Love”
6. “Keep It Burnin’”
7. “Broken Road”
8. “I’m Finna Love Me”
9. “Sci-Fi”
10. “We Did It Kid”
11. “Flowers”
12. “Maintenance”
13. “530”
14. “Mr. Miyagi”
15. “Selfish”
16. “First Time”
17. “Louie Bags”
18. “Candyland”
19. “Closed for Business”
20. “Do I Look Happy?”
21. “Things Change”

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