Kanye West Shares McDonald’s Super Bowl Commercial

Kanye West, who made a name for himself with the moves and words he made against Kim Kardashian’s new boyfriend Pete Davidson, played a leading role in McDonald’s Super Bowl 2022 commercial, overshadowing the Super Bowl on the TT list on Twitter.

At the 30-second point, the Chicago rapper pulls up into a McDonald’s car on one of his Sherp ATVs and sticks his head out to place his order. Like everyone else in the ad, he gets stuck on what to buy. “Hey, can I have it uhhhhhhhhhhhh,” he thinks as he peruses the menu.

Featuring NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace, FIFA Twitch streamer Edwin Castro and iconic McDonald’s character Grimace, the ad draws inspiration from a global fan reality. “a universal fan truth” that “sometimes, you just can’t decide what to order.”

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After the ad aired, Kanye West posted a shot from the Super Bowl spot on Instagram. In the 15 second cut, he tries to hold Ye’s “uhhhhhhhhhhh” for as long as possible. He showed everyone that deep breathing is a challenge even for an experienced artist like himself. Continuing to share on Instagram, Kanye West wrote the following sentences.

“How wonderful to be a free artist,” she wrote. “I fought for my family. We had Sunday Service. I trended in the Super Bowl with my kids. Odell gave me and my kids his gloves. Dre performed. Ram won. And I did a Super Bowl commercial with McDonalds. God has a plan. Love over fear. Today was great.”

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Kanye West Was At the Super Bowl With His Kids

Balenciaga snow masks have never been more used. Kanye West appeared to be wearing one of the now-common face concealment masks as he appeared on Super Bowl LVI with his children North, 8, and 6-year-old Saint on Sunday. The 44-year-old rapper, who legally changed his name to Ye in October, shared the afternoon event on his own instagram account.

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