Kanye West Unfollowed Nicki Minaj

Kanye West responded to the backlash from Nicki Minaj with backlash. Kanye recently unfollowed Nicki.

Nicki Minaj dissed Kanye West at the Essence Festival. After that, Kanye unfollowed his old friend. You know, Nicki Minaj played “Monster “and she stopped the track and said “I’m Monster-ed out and we don’t f#ck with clowns.”

You know when Nicki had this reaction. 1 day after Kanye and Cardi B released their collaboration song. Nicki Minaj must have felt really bad after learning about this collaboration.

She says: “The public adored ‘New Body.’ Like, ‘New Body’ is the biggest hit record that never came out. So what I thought was interesting was that Kanye made me write my ‘New Body’ verse four times over in order to fit into where he was creatively and spiritually in his life, right, only to then go on the internet a few months later to see him on Drink Champs.”

Kanye West Reveals $8 Million Performance Fee

If you want Kanye West to perform on your show, you need to have $8 million.

Billionaire Yeezy mogul has revealed the seven-figure amount he demanded for a performance. The revelation came as a false response to an Instagram account claiming the reservation fee was $1 million.

Ye messaged his RapThoughtsDaily page and demanded a correction while reporting that he was actually demanding $8 million.

“Please change this. My performance fee is $8 million,” he wrote in his DM.

The account also claimed to know the performance fees of other hip-hop artists such as Drake ($500,000), Kid Cudi ($125,000), Tyler, creator ($150,000) and Young Thug ($1.5 million).

You have receipts to back this up. The 45-year-old businessman reportedly walked away from an $8 million payday to make headlines with Coachella in April. The Weeknd and the Swedish House Mafia filled his place at the last minute and collected a similar check.

In other news related to Ye, he appointed Steven Smith to lead Donda’s new Industrial Design division. Smith has worked as a shoe designer for brands such as adidas, Reebok, Nike and Yeezy.

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