Kanye West Wants Kim Kardashian To Prove He’s Behind Social Media Attacks

Kanye West is doing his best to keep Kim Kardashian from being legally single. Earlier this week, Kim submitted documents to make social media posts attacking Pete Davidson and others unacceptable at next week’s hearing. Kim‘s posts can’t prove she wrote them, which she says caused her “emotional distress.”

According to TMZ, Ye‘s attorney said, Kim claims to have read something allegedly by Kanye online and describes the posts in his declaration as misinformation,” he said.

Although the documents do not explicitly state that Ye did not write the articles, Ye wants Kim to give evidence. Ye‘s lawyer adds, “Kim was supposed to present her social media posts as evidence and show that the posts were written by Kanye.”

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But doctors cited the assumption that contracts signed in California after 2001 were invalid, objecting to the validity of the contract. Since 2009, the only way these cases can be verified is either during the trial or whether both sides agree.

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Kanye Thinks He’s Not Guilty

He seems to be trying to stop Kim from being legally single. He had previously submitted documents stating that he would accept all assets on the condition that they be temporarily frozen.

However, he says he has a hunch that keeps all his trusts and other assets separate and that he needs to have access to his trust to run his business.  Despite Ye’s attempts, the judge is unlikely to prevent Kim from restoring his sole status. It is routine procedure to separate the division of assets from marital status.

Kanye West Mentions Morgan Freeman in His Song

Kanye West was listened to by many after the release of his Donda 2 album and became the main topic of conversation. Because of this caused it to become a trend on social media.

By the way, because of the words in one of his songs, the conversations about him increased even more. The words in question are as follows; “When you lay down and I gave you the semen, I swear I heard God, the voice of Morgan Freeman.”

Some Twitter users also expressed their reactions in their own unique way. Because lyrics are crazy for them. “@kanyewest aint no way you rhymed MORGAN FREEMAN with SEMEN.”

“I thought @kanyewest was moving to Russia,” they typed. “But he’s rapping about seman and Morgan freeman. Just go away already dude. Not even being original.”

Pablo” by Future and Travis Scott, “Eazy” featuring The Game and headlines Pete Davidson diss, “Louis Bag” featuring Jack Harlow inspired by Virgil Abloh, “Louis Bag” featuring Soulja Boy “First Time in a Long Time” is from Kanye’s set list.

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