Kanye West Working On “Masterpiece” “DONDA 2”

Kanye West has been spotted with a few other ladies in recent days, keeping the spotlight busy, but according to Steven Victor, hes also busy working onDONDA 2.
DONDAwas released last summer after a series of lengthy delays, with Kanye constantly making changes and updating the album until he was happy. But now, according to Steven Victor, Kanye West is working on a sequel, and thats extra special.

The music executive spoke exclusively to Complex. “Ye has started working on his new masterpiece DONDA 2,he said.

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Victor says hell come as a masterpiece, although Kanye West doesnt say when fans can expect the project. A respected industry figure and founder and CEO of Victor Victor Worldwide, the executive has worked closely with Kanye West over the years.

Victor also played COO at G. O. O. D. Music and SVP of A&R at Universal Music Group. Kanye West has yet to reveal any details about the project, despite recently reconciling with Drake, whom he has long resented, but Drake is not saying no to a major collaboration. The couple played music together for years before eating beef after their first date in 2009.

Kanye West Seen With Two Women in Hotel Room

Kanye West may be desperate for his estranged wife, but it seems hes starting to enjoy life while his marriage is in limbo.

According to photos obtained by DailyMailthe billionaire rapper was spotted with two women at a Miami hotel on SaturdayDecember 1. The photos were taken from a distanceone of them taking a picture of Kanye and a woman on the balcony of the hotel.

Kanye and the woman in the crop top stood a few feet apart and chattedThe unidentified woman appears to be looking away as Kanye checks his phoneMore photos show another woman wearing an open blouse leaving her hotel room and standing out on the balcony.

Kanye West
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