Kanye West ‘s marriage to Kim Kardashian de facto ended.A surprising move came from Kanye West, who is also about to end officially. Continuing his efforts to regain his family, the famous rapper went silent by deleting all his posts on Instagram.

Star Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, who married in 2014 after two years of dating, announced that they would divorce earlier this year. West, the couple, who allegedly separated their house in this process, could not accept the separation.

Kanye West

Ye,Erased Everything

A surprising move has come from Kanye West, who is continuing his effort to win back his family.Kanye West, who joined Instagram in 2016, reset his account, which has 9 Million 500 thousand followers, a few days ago.

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Kanye West

But This Was Not The First

But it’s not the first time Kanye West has made a social media refresh. The singer has deleted his account multiple times since 2016. While the reason for West’s removal is unknown, the rapper’s move took place just a few days after the Thanksgiving prayer sharing, which stated that he wanted to reunite with Kardashian.

In the video,Kanye West said, “Every day I only think about how to reunite my family and heal the pain I have caused.” had used the words.

Despite all this, Kanye West could not accept what happened.

Kanye Couldn’t Accept The Breakup

On the other hand, Kim Kardashian was in front of the camera in a wedding dress at the promotion of her husband’s new album during the divorce process, while West, who now wants to be known as “Ye”, made a name for himself with his statements.

Expressing that he wanted to reunite with Kim Kardashian at an event he attended last week, Kanye West made a new post revealing how stubborn he is on this issue.

He posted an old photo of himself with Kardashian on his Instagram account. This post of West caused controversy on social media. Expressing that Kardashian sailed into a new love with Pete Davidson, users reacted to Kanye West.

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