Kay Flock Arrested in Manhattan

Famous rapper Kay Flock was reportedly arrested for attempted murder of a man. Kay Flock killed an unidentified person in the third week of December. Dj Akademiks‘ official Instagram and Twitter account claimed that rapper Kay Flock had killed a person in front of the barbershop.

According to some sources circulating on the Internet, Kay  Flock apparently had issues with a 24-year-old man and therefore killed him. But his identity has not been confirmed yet. The incident took place on December 16 2021, and the NYPD‘s official Twitter page confirmed the murder with a blurry photo they captured from CCTV set up at the scene.

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Kay Flock
Dj Akademiks:Instagram
Kay Flock
Dj Akademiks:Instagram

Kay Flock Arrested

When it became clear that the murderer was a famous rapper, on December 24 2021, the police raided Kay Flock‘s home and arrested him. Dj Akademiks‘ official Twitter and Instagram account confirmed that the rapper killed a man on Amsterdam Avenue in Manhattan.

We are trying to give you accurate information about every detail of this event because there is a lot of information pollution on social media right now. Everyone is wondering why the famous rapper Kay Flock killed this man on the Internet.

Let’s say Kay Flock’s real name is Kay Roy and he is 18 years old. By this time the rapper has gained 200,000 followers on his Youtube channel and is a famous person on social media. Some sources claimed that his Instagram account was disabled after this incident.

In addition to his solo music albums, Kay Flock also makes rap music with a music group called THRAXXX. The debut song of Kay Flock which made him famous and gained a huge fan base, was FTO which he released on the market in May 2020. According to DJ AkademiksTwitter, police suggested that Kay Flock broke into a barbershop and saw a troubled man.

It is said that the two of them got into a heated argument and both went outside, then when the rapper lost his cool, he pulled the trigger and shot the man. Reports claimed he was wearing a mask when he killed the man by shooting him in the neck and back.

Then the investigation began and the official NYPD also released a Wanted poster of the rapper before he was caught by the police. Now, Rapper Kay Flock has been arrested by the police for killing a man after an argument.

If there is any new information, we will update this news, stay tuned…

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