KayCyy Collaborate with Lancey Foux

KayCyy and Lancey Foux are working on a new collaboration. KayCyy, the new member of YZY Sound, continues his work from where he left off. After his tweets promoting many tracks from his upcoming new album, he has a successful collaboration with Lancey Foux on his SoundCloud single.

We can say that KayCyy, who also released a special SoundCloud on September 23, has come to the fore as one of the fastest and hardworking names. The date of the Instagram post on January 4 was also announced.

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After appearing in Kanye West’s DONDA, YZY made a splash with their latest official song “Flew By You”. The Ups & Downs album was also one of the prominent albums of 2020.

“Stay Up”, on the other hand, captures the audience with a completely different atmosphere.

I had to jugg and finesse like Ace (Yeah)

Find me a whole new space (Uh)

My diamonds big as an eighth (Ooh-ooh)

Might ghost on her like a Wraith (Ooh-ooh)

No, we not playin’ it safe (Uh)

Carrying every state (Yeah)

I don’t got room for mistakes (Uh)

Air out whatever it takes (Uh, yeah)

KayCyy — “Stay Up”

KayCyy is only 24 years old and will definitely increase his earnings even more. Spotify listening rates are also increasing day by day.

KayCyy (image: Facebook)

Ourgenerationmusic.com‘s rendition is very nice. Let’s listen.

However, “Stay Up” is bombastic, in-your-face and triumphantly fitting for KayCyy’s arrival in the new wave. Complemented by Foux’s visceral flow and grimy trap cadence, the Wonda Gurl produced track brings forth a variety of sounds that hits listeners all at once — creating a kaleidoscope of hard-hitting 808s and eerie, droning synths.

About KayCyy

Mark Mbogo, known professionally as KayCyy or KayCyy Pluto, is an American rapper and singer. Born in Kenya, Mbogo moved to Minnesota with his family at an early age. He has released three mixtapes, two albums and several singles throughout his career.

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