Kendra Sunderland Accuses Instagram of Differentiating Between Nicki Minaj and Herself

After her Instagram account was deleted 4 times, porn star Kendra Sunderland posted, “If Nicki Minaj can undress, why can’t I?” she rebelled.

Kendra Sunderland, whose account has been deleted four times and the new one is still unconfirmed, has implied that Instagram is doing a double standard, and Instagram was told that they deleted Nicki Minaj’s account and not hers.

Kendra Sunderland, whose accounts were deleted for sharing obscene photos on Instagram, described Instagram as hypocritical, and criticized the way it stood by names like Nicki Minaj.

As you know, we shared with you the news of Nicki Minaj, who posted her nude photos on Instagram on her birthday and published congratulatory messages.

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Sunderland thinks it all started when she showed off her mischievous side for Santa through her alter-ego known as “Bendra” during Christmas in 2020.

“Hey guys! I just wanna let you know I’m not deleted yet. I’m batshit crazy. I might be sucking off the CEO of Instagram. But whatever it is, I’m here to stay!”

Nicki Minaj
(image: IG Post by Nicki Minaj)

Rap Queen Nicki Minaj Turns 39

Nicki Minaj, who turned 39 on December 8, posed in a crimson G-string underwear in front of the cake on her birthday, while in the second photo she posed nude on a teddy bear.

Sunderland, on the other hand, complained about this situation and mentioned that Instagram is a hypocritical platform.

Kendra Sunderland (image: Getty Images)

She also complained about fake accounts, she. “I am no longer verified and I am shadow-banned, while dozens of fake Kendra Sunderland accounts pop up every day pretending to be me, not only ruining how I make a living but ripping off my fans monetarily and emotionally.”

“I had a fan come to one of my feature dance performances. Upon meeting me at my meet-and-greet, he started going on and on about our supposed relationship, how close we have become, and how glad he was that I was feeling better. Apparently, this poor guy was corresponding with a person pretending to be me on an intimate level, sent this fake a lot of money, and even had a wellness check done when the fake Kendra disappeared. This hurts my heart so much. I think it’s part of the reason why I’m not doing any kind of tours at the moment.”

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