Kendrick Lamar Returns to the Stage in Vegas

At 9:45 pm on Friday night in Las Vegas PT, there were three performers playing or preparing to perform on Day 1 of the Day N Vegas festival. Each of them also has a large number of fans, but we should still mention Kendrick Lamar. There were thousands of people camped out in front of the main stage of the festival, waiting for headliner Kendrick Lamar.

Kendrick has been in an introverted mood ever since he released his record-breaking album and embarked on the Championship Tour with TDE the following year. In September 2021, he finally let his fans know about him and announced that he is ready to release his next album, the last one on TDE, soon. He then jumped on “Family Ties” and “Range Brothers” with his cousin Baby Keem, showing that he’s as sharp as ever and “smoking in the top five” tonight. He retained that energy again last night, but reaffirmed why they were making a fuss about it in the first place.


The night was seen as a returning performance from “Episode 80 to DAMN” by Day N Vegas. Kendrick stayed true to the theme, opening the set with a big-screen message about Section.80, “I wrote this album as a start. There was an energy shaped around Los Angeles culture in 2011.” And each subsequent album had its own message on the screen. Good Kid M.a.a.d City was “The Life & Times of Compton, CA.” To Pimp A Butterfly was about “expressing herself in a way she’s never done before.” CURSING. It was about “the beginning of self-awareness and the contradictory nature of man.”

The performance began with Kendrick taking everyone back ten years with multiple favorite Episode 80s, including “Fuck Your Ethnicity”, “ADHD” and “Hiipower”, it was sheer nostalgia for the recent past. Before the second song was played, the crowd roared when he asked them to lift three fingers; this exemplifies the fact that there are indeed many day-old babies, or “section babies,” as he calls them.

Kendrick Lamar Back Strong

There was no background vocals. Kendrick worked all over the stage in his flowing, all-white outfit and long hair, with this look it was as if he had a new age, a different perspective. From the quality performance to the sharp choreography of her dancers and the ever-changing big-screen visuals, it was clear she wanted to put everything into this special performance. He’s succeeded. Day N Vegas has proven to everyone that he hasn’t performed in Vegas since 2019, but that he hasn’t lost any of his strength.

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