Kendrick Lamar to Collaborate With Country Singer Morgan Wallen

Morgan, who wanted to warm up with fans after his racist incident, had previously collaborated with Lil Durk, who we wrote about. Now, after hitting #1 on Billboards Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart with Lil DurksBroadway Girlscontroversial country music star Morgan Wallen wants to work with Kendrick Lamar.

On Wednesday December 29, Morgan Wallen was a guest on popular internet comedian Druski’s Clubhouse chat Behind the Vest. During his interview with Wallen, who came under fire earlier this year for using the N-word, he spoke about his hip-hop adoration and who his next ideal collaboration would be with.

“I love Moneybagg. It’s definitely at the top of the list. ”

“But overall, as always… It’s not just about the past, I’m trying to think a little bit. Kendrick Lamar would be great. ”

“Honestly, my top stuff on Spotify was all hip-hop,” Wallen continued. “Moneybagg is probably my favorite. And I listened to a lot of Young Dolph—R.I.P. I listened to Drake’s new album. I listen to Kanye. I’ve been listening to a little bit of Gunna. I like him pretty good.” He said.

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Morgan Wallen
Druski’s Clubhouse

Lil Durk and I Have Been Talking on Instagram For a Long Time

Wallen also talked about his collaboration with Lil Durk and how he was organically. The country star said they had been chatting on Instagram over the summer after Durk commented on part of the song Wallen uploaded to Instagram.

I hit him,” Wallen recalled. “Me and I talked a little bit throughout the year and developed some kind of friendship. “I dont know if you’re serious or not, but here are a few versions. “I said, “Im not going to And he took the song. I said, ‘Im not releasing an album for a while. If you want to throw this at yours, go ahead. ‘Thats why he did it and Im so excited about it. ”

Last February, Morgan Wallen was caught on video shouting the N-word at an event, which resulted in his company Big Loud Records suspending his contract. In the footage obtained, Wallen tells his drunken friends girlfriend, ”Hey, take care of this cowardly. . . . Take care of this cowardly n*er.” “Wallen later apologized. But still, those controversies didnt stop January LP Dangerous: The Double Album from becoming the best-selling project of the first half of 2021.


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