Key Glock Speaks Out on Murder Of Young Dolph

There are tough times for the loved ones of Young Dolph. The rapper and ensemble founder was a relatively trouble-free figure in the industry, but last week he was shot dead in a shop where he bought baked goods. Following Dolph’s murder, a series of events occurred in which one person was injured at the same location.

Key Glock’s post about Young Dolph on IG

As the public struggles to trace the identities of those responsible, Key Glock, Dolph’s cousin and collaborator of Dum & Dummer, paid a lengthy homage to his deceased friend. Young Dolph signed Key Glock to record label Paper Route Empire, and the two collaborated on many songs like “Major” and released “Dum and Dummer” together.

He began by admitting that he is “lost” and added, “My heart is torn and my brain bout to explode it HURTS when I breathe.”
Why you leave me so soon?? I’ll never be the same, you was my lefthand man,my brother,my cousin,my mentor and drank partner for the past 2 years I been taking LOSS AFTER LOSS and still can’t understand why[broken heart emoji] First, it was my pops then my auntie then my grandma and now YOU!! I know we can’t question GOD but GOD why?! There’s nothing no one can do or say to bring you back and that sh*t just eats me up by the second!! N*gga you was Phil Jackson and I was yo MJ[smoke out of the nose emoji] Remember I told you I got yo back no matter what?? I GUARANTEE THAT!! Words really can’t explain how I truly feel right now.


Police said two people, who were riding in a white Mercedes-Benz, moved into the oven and opened fire on the famous rapper. As a result, Young Dolph was shot dead at Makeda’s Cookies in Memphis on November 17. 

This sad and heartbreaking event undoubtedly upset everyone who loved, listened, or not listened to the rapper.

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