Key Glock Tattooed His Cousin Young Dolph On His Arm

Key Glock commemorated his cousin Young Dolph by tattooing him on his arm. Undoubtedly, his cousin, who brought his respect and longing for him to life in this way, continues to mourn.

Key Glock’s fans, who shared his tattoo on his Instagram story on November 29, included the caption, “When they see me, they see you!!” Wrote.

Key Glock still hasn’t recovered. As you know, Young Dolph died as a result of an armed attack on 17 November. The pain of Young Dolph, who died when gunmen jumped into the shop and opened fire in a bakery store he was shopping for, is still in pain.

IG post by Key Glock

Two masked gunmen fled away after ending the young rapper’s life. No arrests have been made so far regarding Dolph’s death.

Key Glock shared photos of himself and his cousin on Instagram last week and made an emotional post about his sudden death.

“Damn bro, I’m LOST,” he captioned the post. “My heart is torn my brain bout to explode it HURTS when I breathe..why you leave me so soon?? I’ll never be the same, you was my lefthand man, my brother, my cousin, my mentor and drank partner.”

“I know we can’t question GOD but GOD why?!” the Yellow Tape 2 emcee continued. “There’s nothing no one can do or say to bring you back and that shit just eats me up by the second!! Nigga you was Phil Jackson and I was yo MJ. Remember I told you I got yo back no matter what?? I GUARANTEE THAT!! Words really can’t explain how I truly feel right now.. I’m sick to my stomach bruh!! Peace ain’t even working.. all I see is DARKNESS, only GOD knows how much you meant to me.”

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As you know from our previous news, seven days after Young Dolph’s loss, his family broke their silence. In a statement on Wednesday (November 24th), they expressed the anguish they felt at his absence and thanked them for the love and respect they received in the days following his tragic death.

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