Kid Cudi Announces That He Will Release 2 New Albums Next Year!

The 2021 edition of Rolling Loud California kicked off Friday with an episode from Kid Cudi that includes a look at what fans can expect from the “Don’t Look Up” cast next year.

Kid Cudi Man on the Moon III: The Chosen also previewed his new music after their live debut. The co-founder of Mad Solar, while referring to the Entergalactic project that has been talked about for a long time, announced that it will give “tasty surprises” to Rolling Loud viewers.

He also mentioned that he is releasing another album before Entergalactic, which is expected to arrive next summer.

Kid Cudi
Kid Cudi and Ariana Grande / “Don’t Look Up” Movie

“I’m teasing all this stuff because, as you know, I have Entergalactic coming in the summer,” Cudi said. “But I wanna drop another album before that. And I got some tasty surprises and I really am excited about all this new shit, this new music to give to you guys. So that’s why I’m teasing this shit now, because it’s coming out soon. So tonight, record this shit.”

Then, Kid Cudi joined the celebrities who announced many innovations through social media accounts.

Making statements on his Twitter account, Kid Cudi answered a fan’s question about the live broadcast link for the Rolling Loud set. He also paid tribute to Virgil Abloh, a fashion icon and artistic force.

Kid Cudi Is Also An Actor

Grammy Award-winning rapper Kid Cudi not only enjoys making music but also acting.

Known by the stage name Kid Cudi, the Grammy-winning artist’s pursuit of happiness stems not only from making music, but also from his passion for acting.

Alongside a star-studded cast including Cudi, Meryl Streep, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, Jonah Hill, and Tyler Perry, we’ll show you your acting skills in Adam McKay’s latest movie, “Don’t Look Up,” which will hit theaters on December 10. will have exhibited.

While acting in films, he also collaborates on the soundtracks of those films. They also collaborated with 37-year-old rapper Ariana Grande on the song “Just Look Up.”

Kid Cudi met Kanye West, who signed to the GOOD Music label in 2009. He played his first television role in HBO’s “How to Make It in America”.

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