Kid Cudi Shares New Song “Do What I Want”

Kid Cudi has released his new single “Do What I Want” from his anticipated Entergalactic album.

The Ohio native first made his mark on the song earlier this week. He was also featured in the trailer for the Netflix adult animated series Entergalactic. The series and the album share the same name.

Kid Cudi will be collaborating with a stellar voice cast in the series. Names such as Timothée Chalamet and Vanessa Hudgens will take part in the project with their voices.

Cudi also shared the trailer on social media. Thanks to everyone who supported.

“World… I have been waiting 3 long years for you all to see what I’ve been working on all this time,” Kid Cudi penned in the caption. “My greatest achievement. This project will move you, it will take your heart places and make you fall in love again. I am so proud of every single person involved who helped bring my vision to life. From the animators but more specifically Fletch Moules, to the voice actors, my BEAUTIFUL team at Netflix: The mega awesome cool guy Mike Moon and the ever so lovely and sweet Elizabeth Porter, everyone showed up with their A game and delivered. I LOVE YOU ALL!!”
He added, “Enjoy this first taste…the countdown begins!”

Kid Cudi Says Pusha T Collaboration Is His Song With Kanye West

Kid Cudi has finished working with Kanye West.

On Friday, Pusha T is set to release his new album, It’s Almost Dry, “Rock N Roll“, which collaborates with Cudi. Taking to Twitter, Kid Cudi explained that the song was recorded a year ago while he and Ye were still friends. However, their relationship has since gone south.

Kid Cudi
Kid Cudi in the “X”

“Hey! That’s why I know some of you have heard the song I got at Pusha. I did this song a year ago when Kanye was still cool,” he tweeted.

Cudi claimed that he and Ye are no longer friends and will no longer cooperate with him. “I’m not cool with that guy,” he continued. “He’s not my friend, and I just cleaned up the song for Pusha cuz, this is my man. This is the last song you’re going to hear me on w Kanye.”

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