Kim Kardashian Didn’t Include Kanye West In Her Christmas Photos With Her Kids

They were excluded from Christmas photos featuring the children of Kanye West and Tristan Thompson. While Khloe and Kim included their mom in the photos they took with their kids, their kids’ fathers weren’t in the Christmas photos this year.

Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kanye West earlier this year, and as you may know, Tristan Thompson also cheated on Khloe. While both Kim and Khloe took family Christmas photos and posted them on their Instagram accounts in honor of Christmas Eve Friday, the fathers weren’t considered in the photo.

Mother Kris Jenner also posed in red-brown furry homewear from her family members’ Kim’s Skims series. Kris Jenner, who looks very happy with her grandchildren, gave a satisfied image.

It was seen that all the children took turns changing places and were caught in poses even as they were walking around. Kim Kardashian also took private photos with herself and her children.

Kanye West
by Kim Kardashian IG

The only thing that did not change in the many different poses was that Kanye West was not in any of his family photos. We think that Kanye West, who doesn’t have a Christmas photo with his children and ex-wife, is at least very sad for his children.

Khloe and Kris are with children

It is unknown if Kanye still calls Kim Kardashian “my wife” to Kim Kardashian, who is in love with Pete Davidson even though they are not officially divorced. Kim Kardashian has also applied to return to Kardashian by removing the “West” from her last name.

Kanye West Said “Come Back To Me” For Kim Kardashian

Kanye West did not stay idle during this process, he is no longer with the modem Vinetria, whom he was with for a few months. She no longer follows him on Instagram. As we have informed you on our site, the duo also confirmed their separation.

Last November, we wrote that the two had been seeing each other for a while and even attended Donda Academy’s first basketball game in Minneapolis together. After the Larry Hoover concert, after Kanye West’s implicit “come back to me” calls for Kim Kardashian, we don’t think anyone would have expected that they would continue this relationship with Vinetria.

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