Kodak Black Arrested in Pompano Beach

South Florida police arrested Kodak Black on Saturday. The rapper, who was arrested on trespassing charges, shook the agenda.

According to the South Florida SunSentinel, the Broward Sheriff’s Office said Kodak Black was detained Saturday morning on Pompano Beach. Details have not yet been disclosed. Investigators are expected to speak. Pompano Beach is also the hometown of Kodak Black.

The latest development regarding the incident took place as follows. Kodak Black (legal name Bill Kapri) posted a bond and was released.

Former president Donald Trump has commuted the charges of black citizens charged with falsifying documents used to purchase weapons at a Miami gun store on the last day of his term in 2020, to a three-year federal prison sentence.

Kodak Black mugshot, photo via the Niagara County Sheriff’s Office

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In April, Kodak Black was sentenced to parole for assaulting a teenage girl in a South Carolina hotel room. He essentially denied the accusation of rape to be made and accepted the settlement offered. The charge turned from a rape charge to first-degree assault. He accepted this.

Kodak Black is a successful rapper who has sold more than 30 million singles, including multiple platinum and platinum certified singles, including “Zeze”, “No Flockin'” and “Roll in Peace”.

Kodak Black was the focus of criticism by its followers after a photo taken on the night of December 22nd. In one photo, a sexy-dressed woman bends and twerks in front of Kodak Black’s 6-year-old son. Also in the photo is Kodak Black, raising his hands to encourage his son.

Kodak Black Has Received Criticism Recently

Here are some of the reactions he got:“He also has a daughter on the way. Praying for her.

Theres Nothing Wrong About What’s Happening But Who It’s Been Done To!! Period!” someone else posted “Ya Mfs Aren’t Even Gonna Admit That Y’all Was Wrong. Outta Here That’s Not What Real Men Do & It’s Boys Like @KodakBlack1k & @BOOSIEOFFICIAL That Fuck Children’s Minds Up!

Kodak black’s kids need a brand new set of adults in their lives smh,” someone else added.

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