Kodak Black May Take National and International Tours for “Back for Everything”

One of the judges denied Kodak Black ‘s request for an early termination of parole. 

A year after former President Donald Trump changed the rapper’s prison sentence, he’s been asked to end his supervised release.

According to allhiphop, Bill Kapri aka Kodak Black spent nearly 21 months in prison for falsifying information to purchase firearms.

Trump allowed Kodak to get out of jail. But the former president has kept the parole terms of the Sniper Gang rhyme intact. The famous rapper’s lawyer, Bradford Cohen, requested that his client’s probation for good behavior be terminated earlier. However, the feds objected to this.

The rapper had previously violated his parole when MDMA was detected in his body. He was later rehabilitated. Clean and sober after 90 days of treatment.

“It is hereby ordered and adjudged that Defendant’s Motion for Early Termination of Supervised Release is denied without prejudice,” the judge ruled. “However, Defendant’s supervised release shall be converted into a non-reporting status. Defendant shall comply with all conditions of non-reporting supervised release, as set forth by U.S. Probation.”

With the conditions of probation changing, Kodak can tour nationally and internationally to support the release of their new album, Back for Everything. He no longer needs to be physically present to meet with the probation officer.

Kodak Black had Hollywood dreams!

The “Super Gremlin” rapper explained that he wanted to get into movies after conquering music and offered some ideas to Hollywood moguls like Tyler Perry and 50 Cent.

“I have movie ideas I’d like to present to Tyler Perry or 50 Cent!!!” Kodak wrote in an Instagram Story.

Kodak realizes that his reputation preceded him, but he wants to be taken seriously and is already working on some “interesting” scenarios.

“If you know me and you can see the internet charade, then you also know that I’m a really intellectual young man,” he said, “so I’m told I have some very interesting scenarios.”

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