Kodak Black ‘s Fans Are Mad At Him

Kodak Black ‘s Instagram account quickly garnered a reaction when a photo of a woman twerking Kodak Black‘s 6-year-old son and Yak apparently encouraged him.

On the night of last Wednesday December 22nd  Kodak released a series of photos for his future daughter Yuri. The South Florida rapper did everything for the white, pink, and gold-themed event. However, there is one photo that his fans want him to remove. One photo shows a woman in a tight-fitting dress bending over and pretending to twerk in front of Kodak Black’s 6-year-old son. In the photo is Kodak and he encourages his son while holding his hands in the air.

Kodak Black
Kodak Black:Instagram

It’s gone viral recently with people commenting on the image on social media.

One person tweeted

“I wish to cancel culture WAS real because then maybe when we found out about Kodak Black being a predator the first time we could have put an end to his power before he sexually assaulted his own fucking son.”

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The other said:

Someone on Twitter likely referred to Kodak’s 2016 accusation of sexual assault.

“He also has a daughter on the way. Praying for her.”

“Theres Nothing Wrong About What’s Happening But Who It’s Been Done To!! Period!” someone else posted “Ya Mfs Aren’t Even Gonna Admit That Y’all Was Wrong. Outta Here That’s Not What Real Men Do & It’s Boys Like @KodakBlack1k & @BOOSIEOFFICIAL That Fuck Children’s Minds Up!”

“Kodak black’s kids need a brand new set of adults in their lives smh,” someone else added.


It was the second time in two months that Kodak had been called in for strange family interactions. In October, Kodak also had video showing him inappropriately touching his mother during a party.
Check out more tweets from people reacting to Kodak Black for allowing a grown woman to twerk her little boy below.



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