Latto brings us “Big Energy” in her brand new single. The catchy bop that debuted at the VMAs earlier this month features a sample of Tom Tom Club’s classic “Genius of Love,” sampled in Mariah Carey’s famous “Fantasy.” Latto (formerly Mulatto) showcases her witty pun and melodious vocals as she celebrates her good fortune. We can say that a very different piece is waiting for us.

The 22-year-old Atlanta rapper scores more wins in the video where she presents a $100 million check to the lottery winner.

Following “The Biggest”, “Big Energy” will be featured in Latto’s upcoming project. Latto has released her new song and video for “Big Energy”.


The video is inspired by the theme of luck, as we see the lead man try his luck in the lottery, Latto dancing and singing against the backdrop of a casino, and the leading man hitting what looks like Cupid’s arrow.

Latto performed “Muwop” featuring Gucci Mane alongside “Big Energy” at the 2021 MTV VMAs.

Latto officially changed her name in May, giving a nod to the motifs found in the “Big Energy” video with the name change announcement. There is no longer a name called Mulatto.

Latto is short for “Lottery. It represents a new chapter, spiritually and financially, completely separate from Mulatto. It represents good luck. Often referred to as Big Latto, the alter ego,” she explained on Instagram.

She continued in a separate post, “You have to be strategic about the choice of words, because it can come in a way you don’t want. That’s how I got into this stalemate in the first place with the damn name. … You have to think ahead,” she said.


Would you like to watch the “Big Energy” video or listen to it on spotify?

About the Youth Years of Latto

Alyssa Michelle Stephens was born on December 22, 1998, in Columbus, Ohio, to Misti Pitts (née Stephens) and Shayne Pitts. She moved to Georgia at the age of two. She grew up in Clayton County, where she attended Lovejoy High. Born to a black father and white mother, Stephens was bullied at school for being “light-skinned”, which later inspired her to adopt the stage name Miss Mulatto when she began her rap career after being classified as “mixed”. She participated in drag races before making music. When Stephens was ten years old, he decided to become a rapper and began writing his own rap songs. She continues to give us beautiful works ever since.

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