Legendary ‘Curtain Call: The Hits’ Is One of 2021’s Best Selling Albums – Eminem Selling Even Without Project

Eminem is truly a legendary rapper. It was one of the best-selling albums last year, despite not releasing any projects.

On Monday, December 27, HITS Daily Double released its list of the 50 best-selling albums of 2021, taking into account pure album sales, album-equivalent units, audio streams, and video streams.

Curtain Call: The Hits, which has entered its 16th year, has found its place at #49 on the best-selling albums list. According to HDD, Slim Shady’s 2005 build project has sold a total of 673,000 copies in the last 12 months.

Eminem’s achievements, great projects and legendary songs, of course, keep him at record highs on the best-selling albums list, even in the year he never released an album. Eminem’s place in the music market cannot be overlooked. Eminem, the best-selling rapper of all time with more than 220 million albums sold worldwide and two diamond-certified LPs to his name (The Marshall Mathers LP, The Eminem Show), deserves it all.

Eminem’s Curtain Call (by Wikipedia)

Curtain Call: The Hits, released on December 6, 2005, contains legendary Eminem tracks. Eminem, who presented a perfect album to his fans with tracks such as “Lose Yourself”, “Stan”, “Sing For The Moment”, “Mockingbird”, “When I’m Gone”, made history with this album.

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In addition, Curtain Call: The Hits already holds the title of the longest charting rap album, surpassing 550 consecutive weeks on the Billboard 200.

Curtain Call had sold 441,000 copies in just two days as part of a short opening week, debuting at #1 on the Billborard 200. It reached platinum status in three weeks and has been certified 7x platinum so far.

What Eminem Is Doing Recently?

The Detroit rapper, who started to act in advertisements for the restaurant Mom’s Spaghetti, also recently put his iconic products on sale on Black Friday. In addition, Eminem, who played White Boy Rick in a series of film projects involving 50 Cent, may appear again in the later parts of the series.

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