Lil Durk Drops New Song With Country Singer Morgan Wallen

Lil Durk and Morgan Wallen unexpectedly released “Broadway Girls” on the morning of friday December 17, despite the genre variation. Country music with a subtle and natural trap beat blends with Durk‘s double time rhymes and is a song about the kind of girls you can’t trust.

I met her down at Aldean’s/ She said she that saw me walkin’ in about a mile away/ Bean just had to take her phone/ And that just took her smile away/ She said I’m too drunk and crazy/ She don’t like the way I dance/ I said ‘You don’t have to join in.’”

Wallen performs the opening verse before diving into the chorus about avoiding falling in love.

“Now there’s two things that you’re gonna find out/ They don’t love you and they only love you right now,” Wallen croons on the chorus. “If I was smarter I’d stayed my a– at home/ And leave them Broadway girls alone.”

Lil Durk enters the second verse with rhymes that expand the untrustworthy girls status.

“The town said to me, ‘Don’t trust ’em’/ Broadway girl is a trap/ They’re on me, they’re trying to master me/ They see me with Morgan and they know I rap/ My horse Porsche, he tells me/ I ride a horse/ rides on his back In the post, he makes statements such as “my wife”.

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Lil Durk

This collaboration between white country artist Wallen and a black rapper Lil Durk from Chicago, which sparked controversy with a racially offensive video in a video leaked in February earlier this year, emerged as Wallen broke into the top 10. Thanks to the single “Sand In My Boots“, which went from number 11 to number 8 on the list dated December 18, it entered the weekly Hot Country Songs list.

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