Lil Durk Supports Morgan Wallen Working With Kendrick Lamar: “He Ain’t No Racist”

Lil Durk collaborated with the country star onBroadway Girlsand was highly acclaimed. Morgan Wallen recently indicated that he wants to collaborate with the TDE icon again. Usually, when a white person calls someone an n-word in anger, there are consequences. Country star Morgan Wallen has found himself in a skadal state after hurling racial slurs on social media, but Wallen is improving.

Music sales reportedly skyrocketed as fans stood by his throughout the controversy, and Lil Durk later collaborated with Wallen on their singleBroadway Girls.

Hip Hop fans were baffled as to why Durk would lend his talents to a track with Wallen, and expressed interest in working with country singer Kendrick Lamar, now that hes on theBroadway GirlsRap charts. Durk seems to be getting along with two artists who met in the studio. And he seems pretty happy about it.

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Lil Durk
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TMZ briefly approached Durk and asked about Wallen. “My son,” the rapper said. “Hes not a racist. Thats my boy. We had a long talk. He had a public condition. . . I vouch for him, and hes fine. ” When asked if Kendrick would work with Wallen, Durk replied, “Fa sho. ” The Chicago icon claimed he gave his a pass and a seal of approval for talking to Wallen. Lil Durk said he wanted to vouch for him.

Weve Written To You Before That Lil Durk and Morgan Wallen Collaborated Together

Lil Durk and Morgan Wallen unexpectedly released “Broadway Girls” on the morning of friday December 17, despite the genre variation. Country music with a subtle and natural trap beat blends with Durk‘s double time rhymes and is a song about the kind of girls you can’t trust.

I met her down at Aldean’s/ She said she that saw me walkin’ in about a mile away/ Bean just had to take her phone/ And that just took her smile away/ She said I’m too drunk and crazy/ She don’t like the way I dance/ I said ‘You don’t have to join in.’”   Click here to read more.


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