Lil Mosey Faces Rape Charge

Lil Mosey was charged with second-degree rape in April 2021. However, he pleaded not guilty, citing previous consensual sexual relations with the victim in question. A judge said he would not allow previous sexual acts to be discussed in court, according to TMZ.

The “Blueberry Faygo” rapper and his legal team wanted to present evidence in court last month that he had multiple consensual relationships with the same woman. He asked permission for this. However, on January 7, this permission was denied.

The victim allegedly said he was sexually assaulted by the rapper at a Washington state cabin after Lil Mosey and a girlfriend traveled to an unnamed area to meet Mosey. She agreed to have sex in the vehicle, then passed out.

Shortly after, she claimed she stepped on top of Lil Mosey and spread her legs so she could have sex with him again. Expressing that she felt pain in her leg muscles, the woman said that when she regained consciousness, another man forced her.

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Lil Mosey Suffered Some Sanctions by the Prosecutor’s Office

Prosecutors argued that previous consensual sexual acts were irrelevant to this case. Mosey is accused of rape, as the woman was unable to give consent due to drunkenness. The judge also openly supports prosecutors, according to, but will still allow Mosey’s lawyers to explain what happened in the car.

One wonders how they will fend off claims that her DNA is found in the woman’s body.

In May 2021, Blueberry Fargo Rapper Lil Mosey was given a bodyguard order prohibiting him from coming within 150 meters of the alleged victim. The Lewis County court also banned rapper Lil Mosey from acquiring a firearm and obtaining a handgun license. He communicated that if he had a firearm, he had to hand it over to the Sheriff’s Office.

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