Lil Nas X announces new Album with pregnancy shoot

Lil Nas X Announces New Album With Pregnancy Shoot

Lil Nas X is back with a new album. The famous rapper, who announced his album ‘Montero‘ with his interesting post on Instagram, attracted attention.

The rapper posed in a white satin dressing gown and a pregnant-looking belly and announced that the album would be released on September 17. He stated that he was very excited and happy to announce the album, he released the first song of the album, Montero (Called By Your Name) on March 26, which was highly appreciated.

The song, which reached 339 million listens only on YouTube, reached the 1st place in many song applications. Lil Nas X previously released a mixtape called Nasarati, apart from his singles.

Famous comedian Donnell Rawlings reacted to Lil Nas X’s pregnant photo

Donnell Rawlings, who shared Lil Nas X‘s photo on his official Instagram page, reacted sharply by saying, “How can I explain this to my children”. People who found Donnell Rawlings‘s post sexist were quick to show their reactions. After the harsh reactions, Donnell Rawlings removed his post. Lil Nas X, on the other hand, shared this post on his twitter page and stated that he reacted by screaming.

He made his debut with the song “Old Town Road”

Montero Lamar Hill, known by the stage name Lil Nas X, was born on April 9, 1999 in Georgia USA, and captured the breakout period of his career with the song ‘Old Town Road‘. The song ‘Old Town Road‘ attracted worldwide attention in video sharing applications such as TikTok, and this success enabled the singer to receive a diamond certificate in the same year. [via LA Times]

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