Lil Wayne Could Face Charges In Security Guard Gun Case

Lil Wayne found himself in legal trouble after a security guard changed his mind about whether to press charges against the rapper for allegedly pulling a gun. Lil Waynes bodyguard is now trying to drag the cash millionaire into the case after previously deciding there was no need for legal action, TMZ reported.

Its unclear what charges can be sought, but considering the guard accused Lil Wayne of hitting him in the head and face with his gun, it doesnt change the fact that there will be assault charges, even if its not serious.

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The altercation took place at Lil Waynes home in Hidden Hills California, in early December. And according to the guard, the pair began fighting after Lil Wayne accused him of taking photos and leaking them to the media.

He claims Wayne punched the guard during the fight. The guard called the police, but the 39-year-old rapper fled the scene when they arrived.

A source close to Lil Wayne denied the incident and claimed Lil Wayne didnt even have a gun. Law enforcement sources, who cast further doubt on the allegations, said there were no marks or injuries to the guards body. TMZ reports that the case is not strong enough, and the fact that police have not yet spoken to Lil Wayne suggests he will not face prosecution.

Lil Waynes In Trouble In The Courts, Weve Been In Trouble Before Weve Heard That a Gun Was Found on His Jet

Lil Wayne pleaded guilty and will spend perhaps 10 years in prison, behind bars. He was found guilty of possessing an illegal firearm and had a loaded gun in his private jet in December 2019. As a result of an anonymous tip, law enforcement officers who boarded the plane learned that Lil Wayne was carrying a gun. The bag also contained ocaine, ecstasy, and oxycodone. Click here to read more

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