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Lil Wayne Says He Changed His Words “A Million Times” When Collaborating With Drake

While it’s debatable which rapper performed better on each song than the other, it was Lil Wayne who agreed that Drake brought her out the best.

During a Q&A on Twitter on Wednesday, Tunechi was asked a question that forced him to give credit where credit is due. “You do a lotta features on and off of your albums,” a Twitter user wrote. “Do you ever get a verse from someone that’s so hot, u go back and adjust yours? If so, can u name a few people?”

“Everything Drake sends back, I always have to go back and re-record it,” he replied. “The fact that he always says something at the end makes me feel like ‘Ooh, I can take advantage of what he just said.”

“I have changed my verse a billion times because of Drake,” Wayne added.

Drizzy and Weezy’s adoration for each other is well documented. Last August, Drake took to Instagram to praise his mentor, responding to a post from Tidal Chief Content Officer Elliott Wilson by sharing why Wayne is “the most devoted artist ever”.

Dubbed as the “Ask Wayne” session, a fan asked the Louisiana rapper if he ever received a verse that was so good which made him want to go back and tweak his own. Wayne instantly indicated that it has always his protégé who never fails to make him go back and change his verse “a billion times” before making the final cut.

“The answer is the same person every time and that person is Drake,” answered Wayne. “Everything Drake sent back, I always have to go back and .”

“It’s always because he says something in there that make me be like, ‘Oh, I could make more of the song and capitalize more of the song off of something that he just said and that I didn’t say’,” he expounded.

With Drizzy Drake’s upcoming Certified Lover Boy album dropping soon, Weezy may have hinted at a collaboration between the two which might be part of the release as he tagged #CLB in his tweet.

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Lil Wayne’s full Q&A on Twitter.

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