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Lil Wayne, Shaq A.K.A. DJ Diesel and More Will Be at ‘DAY ONE 22’ New Year’s Festival

Did you know that there are some lucky fans who can enter the new year with Lil Wayne? Famous rapper Lil Wayne, E-40, Shaq (performing as DJ Diesel) and others will be the key guests of Day One 22, a New Year’s Eve event hosted by Coachella Crossroads and the Twenty-Nine Palms Band of Mission Indians.

We’d say tickets can be found on Live Nation, but the ticket seller was recently sued by Coachella Music Festival and concert promoter Goldenvoice. On Day One 22, which was first promoted as “Coachella Day One 22”, he sued Live Nation for trademark infringement and accused them of trading.

They considered it appropriate to sue because of the abuse of goodwill. Day One 22 is organized by a separate company, Coachella Crossroads.

Lil Wayne
Day One 2022 (image: Twitter)

As of December 28, Live Nation was allowed to continue selling tickets to the event as long as they removed the Coachella moniker, reported. Live Nation was also given a temporary restraining order to prevent it from selling tickets to the event, but the court denied the request.

As you know, the Coachella Music Festival could not be held in 2019 due to Covid-19, which was circulating like a dark cloud over the world.

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As a community and nation who reside in Coachella, California, we are equally thrilled that our outdoor venue, Coachella Crossroads, will be able to continue operation under its given name” Tribal Chairman Darrell Mike said in a press release. “The strong-arming of Goldenvoice and its parent company AEG to take reign over a name of a region and businesses who choose to identify with it is disrespectful to small and large business operations, those under their employ and the indigenous people who live within the valley.

Entering the New Year with Lil Wayne

The Day One 22 event will take place on Thursday, December 30 at 7 PM in Coachella, California.

Celebrating the new year with Lil Wayne will be a great experience for fans. Moreover, the audience, who will warm up with Shaq’s DJ performance, will leave the festival happy.

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