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Machine Gun Kelly And Willow Smith Team Up On ‘EMO GIRL’

Machine Gun Kelly and Willow Smith have teamed up in their new collaboration, falling in love with anEmo girl.

Previewing the track on TikTok, the newly engaged rocker released his catchy punk-rock single, which found he fell in love with a girl whohad thigh-high fishing nets and some black boots. ”

Shes half dead, but she still looks so cute,” mgk, willow adds, “Shes very remorseful / You tell me shes depressed / Baby girl, that makes us both. ” “emo girlwill appear on MGKs sixth studio album (previously born with horns), which will be released on March 25.

Last month, MGK shared a cover of Frank OceansSwim Goodand called itone of my favorite songs. ”

The pop-punk revival has reached self-awareness.

Machine Gun Kelly and Willow, leading practitioners of the movement, joined forces for the new singleEmo Girl. The MGKs verse is a tribute to a woman who wearsthigh-high fishing nets and some black boots,” “knows all the words of trap songsandlooks half dead but still looks adorable. ”

Is something tells me this isnt about Megan Fox? By the way, Willows emo girl, the best line in the whole song, “Kiss me, damn it, Im bleeding on your Blink tee. ” No note! The song is the latest album from Machine Gun Kellys upcoming album Mainstream Sellout. The two worked closely with Blink-182s Travis Barker, bringing them together and producingEmo Girl. ”

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Machine Gun Kelly Shares Cover of Frank Ocean’s “Swim Good”

Frank Oceans 2011 “Swim Good,” still the beloved mixtape highlightwas remixed as Machine Gun Kelly balladOn WednesdayBorn With Horns artist Frank shared a cover of his cutMachine Gun Kellys review includes production from Slim XXBaze XX and Omer FediWatch a video with the addition of new lyrics for “Swim Good, approved by MGKAnd visit the original below again.

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