Machine Gun Kelly, Megan Fox Attend Party Chained Together By Their Nails

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox got together this Saturday night at the launch party of their new unisex nail polish line UN,DN LAQR in California.The harmonious couple stepped onto the red carpet in black suits with sharp 3D snakeskin nails and a silver chain.Brittney Boyce announced on Instagram that she achieved the look by using three colors from the MGK collection.

The Nails of LA founder explained;

“Party Favor,” “25 to Life,” and “Depressionist.”

“After the nails dry, I used a nail piercer to pierce both of their pinky nails and added rings to them, so that I could attach two chains to them, so that they were chained together,”

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Machine Gun Kelly

“I used a nail piercer to pierce both of their pinky nails,” nail artist Brittney Boyce explained. Avril Lavigne, Charlie and Dixie D’Amelio attended the event, which stars such as Chase Hudson and Jessie Jo Stark. MGK seemed to be waving his new face near his chin. It is not clear whether it is one.The lead singer of “Bloody Valentine” had previously painted his tongue black at the 2021 Bilboard Music Awards. It was screened fit for the iheart radio music awards. It made headlines for “Papercuts” with a fake shave. he came out with a head and skull tattoo.

MGK said that;

“He’s one of my favorite clients,” she raved. “I get a lot of people that just ask me, ‘What’s in?’ and then I tell them and then we do it. But for him, I really have to think ahead, because he is so artistic and he has so many great ideas.”

She added,

“It’s just really nice to have [someone] that pushes me beyond, that I can be more edgy and creative with.”


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