Machine Gun Kelly Shared The Link To The Official Video Of The “Ay”

Machine Gun Kelly took to Twitter on Friday, March 4. He shared the link to the official video of the “Ay” featuring Lil Wayne.

He said he and his team took the last shot on an iPhone from the comfort of the creative movement Cleveland MC’s home.

“i filmed this music video last night in my living room on an iPhone,” Machine Gun Kelly tweeted. “run it up ‘ay’ feat. @LilTunechi.”

Lil Wayne does not appear physically in the video.

Machine Gun Kelly released Lockdown Sessions EP, featuring three of their fan favorite viral tracks, on March 2.

Normally, Machine Gun Kelly’s Mainstream Sellout album is expected to be released on March 25. This album will be the sequel to their fifth studio album, Tickets To My Downfall, which debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200.

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Machine Gun Kelly And Willow Smith Team Up On ‘EMO GIRL’

MGKand Willow Smith have teamed up in their new collaboration, falling in love with an “Emo girl.

” Previewing the track on TikTok, the newly engaged rocker released his catchy punk-rock single, which found he fell in love with a girl who “had thigh-high fishing nets and some black boots. ”

“She‘s half dead, but she still looks so cute,” mgk, willow adds, “She‘s very remorseful / You tell me she‘s depressed / Baby girl, that makes us both. ” “emo girl” will appear on MGK‘s sixth studio album (previously born with horns), which will be released on March 25.

Machine Gun Kelly -Getty Images for MTV

MGK and Willow, leading practitioners of the movement, joined forces for the new single “Emo Girl“. The MGK ‘s verse is a tribute to a woman who wears “thigh-high fishing nets and some black boots,” “she knows all the words of trap songs” and “looks half dead but still looks adorable. ”

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