Machine Gun Kelly Will Return To The Hip Hop World

Machine Gun Kelly said he wanted to return to the rap world. He’ll put his alternative rock experiment on hold.

MGK will be returning to the rap world after releasing a double #1 album with Tickets to My Downfall and Mainstream Sellout.

“I’m going to make a rap album for myself,” he told Audacy. “For no other reason, no point to prove, no chip on my shoulder. If I keep doing things to prove things to people, I’m going to one, drive myself crazy and two, not make a good product. I made Tickets and Mainstream Sellout because I wanted to make them. I need to now also make people miss that sound.”

“I’m going to do this tour and I’m gonna step into where I left Hotel Diablo and expand on my storytelling as a rapper and find a new innovative sound for the Hip Hop Machine Gun Kelly. That’s where my excitement is and where me as a music archaeologist wants to explore.”

After touring with Young Thug throughout 2019, Kelly has been candid on numerous issues related to music, film, and her personal life.

“I would be on the bus with him every day for hours and all he did was… He never played a beat and passed on a beat. I learned that from him. I’m like, ‘I’m never going to a studio session again and being like, this wasn’t a vibe today.’ I’m laying down something every single time.”

MGK will also make his directorial debut in the movie Good Mourning, which will be released on May 20.

Additionally, Kelly’s fiancee, Megan Fox, appeared in the latest issue of Glamor UK.

“I guess to drink each other’s blood might mislead people or people are imagining us with goblets and we’re like Game of Thrones, drinking each other’s blood,” she said. “It’s just a few drops, but yes, we do consume each other’s blood on occasion for ritual purposes only.”

MGK will depart for the Mainstream Sellout Tour on June 8th.

Mick Jagger Talks About Machine Gun Kelly

Mick Jagger talked about two new rockers keeping the genre alive. One of them is Machine Gun Kelly.

Jagger thinks the two stars breathe new life into the genre with Swedish radio station P4. He remains hopeful for contemporary rock. Yungblud and Machine Gun Kelly are two names Jagger mentioned.

“In rock music you need energy, and there have not been a lot of new rock singers around. Now there are a few,” Mick Jagger explained. “You have Yungblud and Kelly. That kind of post-punk vibe makes me think there is still a bit of life in rock and roll.”

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