Megan Thee Stallion ‘s ‘H-Town Hottie Pie’ Can Be Delivered To Your Home

Megan Thee Stallion has entered into a new partnership with Dua Lipa in honor of her latest song, “Sweetest Pie,” which she presented to her fans.

To achieve this, the singer collaborated with food platform Goldbelly, which brings comfort to people with food wherever they are. In the published video, Megan tests her tastes. She chooses her favorite pies.

Megan’s H-Town Hottie Pie, $59

Grammy Award-winning musician made “Megan’s H-Town Hottie Pie” ($59) she. Inspired by her hometown in Houston and her love for sweets, she created a flavor. We can say that cake is a sweet and salty flavor that collapses on the classic walnut pie.

Megan’s favorites and the new “H-Town Hottie Pie” include delivery options to your door with Goldbelly‘s delivery service.

Megan Thee Stallion Responds to Criticism of ‘Sweetest Pie’

Megan  said that critics who criticized the lyrics in her song. Collaborating with Dua Lipa, the “Sweetest Pie” status made a lot of noise.

Rapper Megan talks about society and her hypocrisy about gender politics in music, especially in her lyrics.

The rapper from Houston started to get reactions under this sexually explicit song. Her new duet “Sweetest Pie” with Dua Lipa has been the focus of criticism for the reasons we mentioned.

Critics say the lyrics are rude.

Megan Thee Stallion
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Speaking on a podcast, Megan said:

“A boy could start rapping about popping pills and enjoying four women at one time, and nobody would have a problem with that. But if Megan Thee Stallion says, ‘Eat my p####’ one time, there’s uproar. Like, ‘You better not ever say that word again in your life.’”

“I definitely have to let people know that pleasure does not go one way,” the 27-year-old recent college grad continued. “So, if you get offended by a woman talking about how she likes to be pleased, then I think you need to take a step back and re-evaluate what you’re into.”

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